• The International Monetary Fund and U.S. Federal Reserve are forecasting an economic recession.
• Crypto analyst Marcel Pechman explains how this might be causing Bitcoin’s price to rise.
• He also explores the link between banking crisis, a weaker U.S. dollar and Bitcoin’s rally above $30,000.

IMF and US Federal Reserve Forecast Economic Recession

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the United States Federal Reserve have both forecast an impending economic recession in the near future. For his show Macro Markets, which airs every Friday on the Cointelegraph Markets & Research YouTube channel, crypto analyst Marcel Pechman is explaining complex concepts in layman’s terms with a focus on traditional financial events’ influence on day-to-day crypto activity.

Record Low Unemployment Rate Hides Bigger Issue

Pechman explains that the S&P 500 being only 13% below its all-time high has been driven by investors moving away from fixed income and why inflation is no longer a primary concern for them. He also looks at how the record low unemployment rate could be hiding a bigger issue caused by inflation which isn’t as easily visible in plain sight like other economic indicators such as GDP growth or retail sales numbers are.

Banking Crisis Weaker US Dollar Bitcoin Rally

Next he examines the link between banking crisis, a weaker U.S dollar and Bitcoin’s recent rally above $30,000 – providing insight into what might be behind this phenomenon at work here today that we’re witnessing right now in real time on our screens around us at this very moment of time being so closely monitored by analysts worldwide who just can’t seem to get enough of understanding where it all started from way back when first it got going – especially as it was then still considered something so new & unknown yet now everyone knows about it!

Banks Lacking Capital To Cover Risks?

The episode of Macro Markets also focuses on banks’ leverage ratio; there is growing concern that financial institutions may not have enough capital to cover their risks but most recent data does not necessarily confirm this suspicion – instead pointing fingers towards unrealized losses meaning those organizations are holding debt instruments paying much lower than cost of capital thus making situation even worse for them than anticipated initially perhaps due unforeseen circumstances which could never have been predicted beforehand anyway so really there’s nothing anyone can do about it now except accept reality as best they can manage while trying their hardest to stay afloat against all odds!

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