• A crypto trading bot programmed to perform arbitrage trades made various complex moves within the Ethereum blockchain, including taking a $200 million flash loan, to secure a mere $3.24 profit.
• The transaction was made by an arbitrage bot that uses flash loans from MakerDAO’s “DssFlash” contract which allows zero-fee borrowing up to $500 million.
• Despite the small gain, some praised the bot for its risk taking ability while others highlighted how bad the bear market is.

Crypto Trading Bot Borrows $200M for a Profit of $3

A crypto trading bot programmed to perform arbitrage trades has recently taken a flash loan of $200 million from MakerDAO’s “DssFlash” contract and managed to secure a mere profit of only$3.24. This event has caused discussion among the cryptocurrency community, with some praising the bots risk-taking ability and others highlighting how bad the bear market is in comparison.

The Bot’s Movements Explained

The reason why such a large amount was borrowed is due to MakerDAO having no fee on any amount up to $500 million when it comes to flash loans with assets needing to be paid back within the same block in order for this to happen. The bot used this feature and borrowed 200 million DAI before supplying these funds into the Aave DAI market where 1.349 Wrapped Ether (WETH) was then borrowed against them. WETH was then used as payment on Curve Finance Exchange for Threshold Network (T) tokens before being sold on Balancer Liquidity protocol which resulted in 0.019 Ether (ETH) gained which equated to around $33 at that point in time but after fees were taken out of this figure it dropped down significantly leaving only $3.24 left as profit for the trader who initiated this transaction..

Reaction From The Cryptocurrency Community

The response from members of the cryptocurrency community was varied, with one saying ‘profit is profit’ while another commenting that doing all this just for such a small gain shows how bad things are during this current bear market period we find ourselves in at present day & time . However, not all bots have been using low-profit trades and one operator managed to gain over $1million through sandwich attacks on memecoin traders like Pepe coin (PEPE) and WoJak (WOJAK).


In conclusion, we can see how despite gaining only small profits sometimes it still proves worthwhile when done strategically and successfully via an automated system such as an arbitrage trading bot making use of MakerDAOs ‘DssFlash’ contract allowing zero fee borrowing up to amounts of 500million dollars! Such technology shows us what can be achieved if done correctly however also highlights how risky these kinds of moves can be in comparison with other more financially lucrative ventures out there involving cryptocurrencies today!

Takeaway Message

As we have seen here today , even though cryptocurrencies are still yet unregulated & speculative investments , they are proving themselves viable sources of income if properly utilized via automated systems like arbitrage bots executing trades through contracts like MakerDAOs DssFlash !

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